Some personal finance experts will spend most of their time and energy trying to prevent you from using your credit card all with good reason. This is mainly because most people abuse credit cards and end up in debt. But what they do not tell you is that if you manage to use the cad responsibly it can be very beneficial. You are going to be better of paying for your utilities and other products with your credit card as opposed to the debit card.  For one, it helps you keep the transactions to a minimum.

Here are some reasons why you should take up a credit card

You get signup bonuses

If you already have a good credit history, you will get an immediate approval for your credit card plus a signup bonus. Depending on the credit card company, you can get a bonus of up to 300dollars.  Other credit card companies will give you a large number of rewards for signing up with them for the first time.

Collect some points and rewards

Most reward cards work with a point system. You get a point every time you pay with your credit card. Some people give out 5 points for every dollar spend and others give less and more. Companies offer a three month promotion period in places like transportation and restaurants for newbies.


When you use the cashback credit, you get 1% of your balance refunded. You will receive this amount regardless of where and how you spend it. Some cards will give you up t 6% f the money spent which is a great deal.

The frequent flyer miles

Airlines will give you a chance to earn major miles through affiliated credit card companies. you can rack up some miles on your credit at a high rate of one mile per every dollar you spend, or two dollars depending on the airport. The value of this reward will depend on the type of ticket you purchase.


Making payments with your credit card will make it easier for you to avoid any losses through fraud. When the debit card is stone and used, the money will be gone immediately. Scheduled expenses will bounce leading to insufficient funds, late payments and eventually mess with your credit score. It also takes a long time for the money to be restored into your account.  With credit cards, you can notify the credit card company which blocks the transactions from being made and help you resolve the matter.

A credit card keeps the vendors honest

When you hire anyone in any field to do some professional paid work, it keeps them competent and honest. This is because you have the ability to stop or reverse the payment if they do a shady job. With a debit card, you can do this by simply taking up the issue with a  state licensing board but it will take you months before you get your money back.

Final word

When travelling, making a purchase can be difficult when you are using a debit card. Renting a car and hotel is now easier when you have a credit card because they are universally accepted.